Instructions for Google Books retailer inclusion

If you'd like to include your store under the "Buy this book" link, you will need to submit availability data to Google Merchant Center. This document describes how to set up an account and submit your data to Google Merchant Center.

Setting up a Google Merchant Center account

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Fill out the account information on the Settings page

Note: Please make sure that the Website URL matches the domain of your book links. (e.g., If your book links are, then you'll need to include in Website URL.) If you have different domains for each country, please request a multi-client account from here.

Creating availability data

There are 2 ways to create your data: using data feeds or the API.

Data Feeds

Creating a data feed. You can create a data feed using one of the following formats:

Please see the Required and recommended attributes section below for the attributes to be included in data feeds.

Registering a data feed
  1. Click on the "New Data Feed" button on the Feeds page to create a new data feed. You can create up to 10 feeds with 100,000 items in each feed.
  2. Select an appropriate target country for your feed. Note: If you don't see your country in the menu, please contact your account manager at Google so that we can enable this option for you.
  3. Specify the filename of your feed. This filename must match the filename of the feed which you've created.

Note: If you are selling books in multiple countries, please create one feed for each country and select an appropriate target country for the feed. (e.g., If you have US and UK stores, register a feed with the target country of US and another with the UK. Please make sure that each feed includes the prices that are consistent with the target country.)

Submitting a data feed

You have several options for submitting your data feed to Google Merchant Center:

Note: You will need to submit your feed at least once every 30 days.

API (Advanced)

Detailed instructions for uploading data via API can be found here. Please follow the instructions under Requirements for Product items to create your data. Please also see the Required and recommended attributes section below.

Note: You will need to submit your data at least once every 30 days.

Required and recommended attributes

When creating your data, you will need to provide information about your items in the form of attributes. Please make sure that you are including all of the following required attributes for each item.

Required attributes

  • id - A unique alphanumeric identifier for the book.
  • title
  • description
  • link - The URL of the web page associated with the book.
  • price - Price of the book excluding sales taxes or shipping costs.
  • condition - "used" or "new".
  • isbn - Can be either ISBN10 or ISBN13 format, but must be stripped of any hyphens.
  • quantity
    • If the item would be shipped out in more than 2 weeks or permanently out of stock, the value should be 0. These books will not appear in the "Buy this book" link.
    • Otherwise, enter the number of copies in stock or ready for shipment within 2 weeks. If there is a large or infinite number of copies available within 2 weeks (e.g., via agreement with wholesaler like IngramDirect), any positive number is sufficient.

Recommended attributes

We encourage you to include as many of these attributes in your data as possible. Although they are optional, they allow us to more accurately match your books to search queries.

For more information on the attributes, please see Google Product Search Attribute List.

Additional resources

If you have additional questions about Google Merchant Center, you can find the answers to commonly asked questions at the Google Merchant Center Help Center.

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