Edit an auto-narrated audiobook

1. Editorial tips

To create a better auto-narrated audiobook experience, follow these recommendations:

  • Forewords, afterwords and passages: Provide the writer’s name at the start of the section.
  • Imagery: Edit or remove references to charts, diagrams, tables and long lists.
  • Footnotes, footnote references, tables, figures text and page breaks: By default, these sections are automatically excluded. You can either add back instances or include entire categories. When an instance is excluded, it appears as a stricken out text within the editable text area.
  • Select editing options are available by right-clicking within the text editor or using your keyboard as follows:
    • PC: Press Ctrl + Shift + \.
    • Mac: Press  + Shift + \.
    • Learn more about each editing option in the modules that follow.

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