Get started with auto-narrated audiobooks

1. Create an auto-narrated audiobook

You can begin to create auto-narrated audiobooks when you upload the text of any book in your account.


  • Only ebooks in your account with an .epub file that are live on Google Play are eligible for auto-narration.
  • After you create an audio file, the audiobook can take up to 2 hours to show up in your account.
  1. Open the Book Catalog.
  2. At the top, click Add a Book and then Create an auto-narrated audiobook.
    • Open an existing book.
    • Click Content and then Create an auto-narrated audiobook.
  3. Select an ebook.
  4. Select a permanent book identifier.
    • If you have an ISBN or EAN for the audiobook: Click Use an ISBN or EAN.
    • If not: To get a Google-generated book identifier, click Get a Google book ID (GGKEY).
  5. Click Save and continue.


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