Sound adjustments

2. Check & adjust pronunciation

If the auto-narrator mispronounces a word, you can create your own pronunciation for it to read. You can also find pronunciations for words that are spelled the same, but pronounced differently.

Pronunciation check

In the Audiobook text editor, under “Pronunciation check,” you can review words that require pronunciation edits. To play through all the word categories or review by category, click on All categories. If you click the Play button by a specific word, it plays all occurrences of that word in the book. If the pronunciation is edited, a word indicates it.

Available categories

  • Edits to pronunciations
  • Person names
  • Organizations
  • Location names
  • Spelled out words
  • Spelled out numbers

Change the pronunciation of a single word

  1. Right-click the word.
  2. Choose Edit Pronunciation.
  3. Choose how to change the pronunciation:
    • Choose an alternative pronunciation, if provided.
      • Alternate pronunciations display in the right hand panel.
      • Enter the phonetic spelling manually. For example, you can enter "one thousand and sixty" to replace "1060."
    • Use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
      • Enter the IPA text manually. For example, you can enter "minute" as "mɪn ɪt" or "maɪˈnut."
      • Click the microphone to speak the word into your microphone.
Tip: This feature is not available for some languages.

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