Sales revenue split

Some features described on this page may not be available, as selling books on Google Play is limited to certain countries.

While we can't share the specific details of our agreements with publishers, we can confirm that the majority of the revenue from the sale of books on Google Play goes to the publisher.

We will consider all publishers' published terms of sale to see if they may be applied to Google Play. If you're interested in participating and don't have published terms of sale, please review the Google Editions addendum to the Google Books Terms. This document includes specifics about the revenue share we're offering you and can be accessed by signing in to the Partner Center and visiting the Payment Center tab. If you don't have a Partner Program account, please know that it's a requirement for selling books on Google Play.

If you've already agreed to the Google Editions addendum, you can access it by signing in to the Partner Center and clicking the Legal Terms for Partners link in the footer.