Create bundle discounts for books in a series

You can offer discounted rates to users when they buy two or more books at a time. You can create up to three 'discount tiers' per campaign where the more books users purchase, the greater the discount.

Bundle discount eligibility

Tip: Books must be included in a series to qualify for bundle discounts. Learn more about series.

For a series to be eligible for bundle discounts, the books in the series must meet these criteria:

  • The series must be live on Google Play.
  • Books in a series must have complete metadata. Series can't have any gaps or duplicate series numbers.
  • The series must contain at least two books. Pre-orders aren’t eligible.
  • The average price of a book in a series must be less than $20 USD.
  • Books in the series must be from the same publisher Partner Centre account.
  • Books must be in one series.
  • eBooks and audiobooks are eligible.

Create and manage bundle discounts

Create new bundle discount


  • For multiple discount tiers, your discount percentage must increase as more books are purchased.
  • If the information on the bundle page is incorrect, review the metadata provided for the books in that series. It may take up to 24 hours for book changes to be reflected in the series page.
  • You can pause or resume a campaign that you’ve created but you can’t edit the details.


  1. In the Partner Centre, click Promotions.
  2. Click Select promo type and then Series bundles.
  3. Enter the promo details:
    • The promotion name, shown only to you
    • The start date
    • The optional end date
  4. To find an available series, within the 'Book series' section, click into the box.
  5. Under 'Eligible series', select the series.
    • You can select single or multiple series.
      • If you select multiple series, the same discount tiers will apply to all series selected.
      • You can’t bundle books from different series together.
    • To find more information about the series, click the right arrow right arrow.
    • After you select a series, you can check:
      • The number of books in the series
      • The book type
      • The language of the books
      • Country availability
  6. If you don’t find your series, review the 'Ineligible series' list.
  7. To select the countries where you want the series promotion to be applied, click the locations drop-down menu.
  8. If you create a bundle offer that includes multiple series, you can select any countries where one of the series is live for sale. However, the bundle offer will only be available to users in countries where a series is live for sale.
    • Example for an offer with multiple series.
      • Series A country availability: US, UK, DE and FR
      • Series B country availability: DE, FR and ES
      • Countries selected for multi-series bundle: US, UK, DE, FR and ES
      • Offer visibility:
        • DE and FR: Both series available
        • US and UK: Only series A available
        • ES: Only series B available
    • If you select over 100 series, you can only select one country. If you select less than 100 series, you can select all eligible countries.
  9. To bundle discount tiers, set the discount percentage per number of books purchased in the series. Each discount only applies to a certain number of books.
    • Example:
      • Three books for 15% off
      • Seven books for 30% off
      • Nine books for 25% off (not allowed)
      • Nine books for 35% off (allowed)
    • You can set up to three discount tiers per campaign with 'Add a discount'.
    • Each bundle discount must require the purchase of at least two books.
Review your bundles
  1. In the Partner Centre, click Promotions and then Series bundles.
  2. Select the bundle campaign that you want to review.
  3. In the selected bundle campaign, you can find:
    • The number of bundle discount purchases. At the bottom of the page, refer to the 'Discount details' section.
    • A downloadable spreadsheet of your transactions.

To find your bundle discount sales:

  • In the Partner Centre, click Reports and then Google Play Sales Transaction Report.

The sale price reports the bundle discount from each book in the bundle.

Example of how bundle discounts are reported
  • Number of books: Three
    • Book 1: $10
    • Book 2: $5
    • Book 3: $10
    • Total purchase price: $25
  • Bundle discount: Three books for 25% off
  • Purchase price: $18.75
  • Savings: $6.25
  • Transaction report sale price
    • Book 1: $7.50
    • Book 2: $3.75
    • Book 3: $7.50
Pause or resume your bundle discount campaigns

To pause a campaign:

  1. In the Partner Centre, click Promotions and then Series bundles.
  2. Select the promotion that you want to pause.
  3. Click Manage promotion and then Pause.

To resume a campaign:

  1. In the Partner Centre, click Promotions and then Series bundles.
  2. Select the promotion that you want to resume.
  3. Click Manage promotion and then Resume.
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