PDF file configuration

If you provide your book content in PDF format, users who read the book on Google Play will have the "original pages" viewing option.

Original pages
Readers will see the original layout
Flowing text
Readers can resize the text

File optimisation

  • Minimum resolution:

    • Content pages: 400 pixels per inch binary; 200 ppi greyscale or colour
    • Images and book covers: 300 ppi colour
      If a page of your book measures 8 inches by 10 inches, your minimum resolution for optimal display is 2400 pixels by 3000 pixels (8 * 300 by 10 * 300).
  • The order of pages in the PDF should match those of the physical book. For most books this will be: front cover, book matter, then back cover. If your cover files are separate from the content file, you may upload these separately. To do so, please follow the filename guidelines.

  • Please submit your PDF files in portrait orientation. We also ask that each page of your PDF file correspond to a single page of text.

  • If you have created your own PDF, please ensure that all fonts have been embedded in the file. We will not be able to process your book properly if it includes unembedded fonts.


The pages of your PDF file will be cropped in accordance with your Adobe Acrobat Trim Box settings. If your Trim Box settings are not in line with your Crop Box settings, please note that your file may not be processed correctly.

If your PDF contains hyperlinks, either to other parts of the same book or to external websites, please note that the links will be disabled when your book is processed.

Bookmarks (optional)

Adding bookmarks to your PDF files will help us process your titles. Currently, we're unable to guarantee that this information will be reflected entirely when your books go live, but we're working to display as much accurate information as possible. We suggest bookmarking the first page of each of the following sections:

  • front cover
  • back cover
  • title page
  • table of contents
  • copyright page
  • preface, foreword or introduction
  • first chapter
  • bibliography or references section
  • index

Right-to-left languages

PDF files for languages written from the right to the left (e.g. Arabic or Hebrew) which are created in Adobe Acrobat Pro should configure an additional setting. In Adobe Acrobat Pro's Document Properties, under Reading Options, set the Binding setting to Right Edge.

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