Book view options for Google eBooks

These options are available in each Google eBook's individual settings, accessible by clicking the pencil icon for a title listed on the Manage eBooks page.

Include original pages.

This option allows you to choose whether or not to display original pages images to customers that purchase your title as a Google eBook. If this option is unchecked, customers will only be able to view the flowing text for your book, which we've either extracted from the book files you provided or made available from an ePub file you uploaded.

Note: If there is no flowing text available for a book and you select this option, your title will not be available for sale as a Google eBook until you upload an ePub file.

Only display flowing text if it came from an ePub file I provided.

This option means we will only display a flowing text mode for the book if it has been made available from an ePub file you uploaded to us, and will not display flowing text we've created from your book scans.