My book is now out of print — can I still participate?

Yes, as long as the rights have reverted to you. Helping users discover out-of-print books is one of the most important goals for Google Books. Even if your book is out of print, the traffic reports might prove to be helpful, shedding light on the book's potential, and you'll also earn money from ad clicks. Google Books can give you unique real-world insight into the popularity of an out-of-print book.

Join our Partner Program in order to add your book to your Google Books account.

If you don't have a copy of the book to send to us and can't upload a PDF, you can let us know the names of the books you'd like added to your Google Books account, and if we scan them at a library, they will be included in your Google Books account. Since we don't know when we will come across a specific book at one of our library partners, it's much faster to send us a copy or upload a PDF.

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