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As part of our mission to make the world's information universally accessible and useful, we're always interested in bringing new types of printed materials online. We have partnered with a number of magazine publishers to digitize their archives, making them searchable, viewable, and discoverable through Google Books. You'll find these magazines seamlessly integrated with book results, with a viewing experience similar to that of the books on Google Books.

Readers will be able to search and browse magazines exactly as they were first printed, including original images, headlines, and even advertisements. The inclusion of magazine content is another way to help make high-quality, authoritative information discoverable online.





1. How can I search for magazines in Google Books?
Magazines are integrated with book results, so each time you perform search on Google Books, you'll be searching across our entire corpus of books and magazines. You can also limit your results just to magazines by using the Advanced Google Books feature and selecting the "Magazines" radio button. Any magazine results will be displayed with a "Magazine" tag right under the title.

2. What's different about browsing magazines?
Although magazines are searchable from the same index as books, and appear in a similar interface, it's not exactly the same as browsing a book on Google Books. For example, you'll find tools to help you browse through the archives of a magazine on the "About this magazine" page associated with each magazine. Also, each magazine in the Google Books index is fully viewable.

3. How can I browse through magazines?
Once you've found a magazine that interests you, you can browse other issues of that magazine from the "About this magazine" page. Click on the "About this magazine" link at the top left of the screen, and scroll down to the section marked "Browse all issues." You can then explore different issues of the magazine by clicking on a decade that interests you, and then scrolling through the individual issues from that time.

Screenshot of About this Magazine page

For a full listing of the current magazine titles available to browse in Google Books, please see this page. As our team adds additional titles, they will be reflected in this view.

4. Where do these magazines come from?
We have partnered with a number of publishers to display the full content of their magazines on Google Books. You can browse through the archives of magazines with a wide range of topics from baseball to technology, travel and more. Among the magazine titles you may recognize are: Vegetarian Times, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics and New York Magazine.


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