How do I use a custom domain name for my blog?

Blogger offers two publishing options for your blog: hosting on Blogspot ( and hosting on your own custom domain ( or You can change your publishing option at anytime, and your content will always remain unaltered regardless of which of these options you choose.

Before you move your blog to a custom domain, you need to have already purchased a custom domain ( from another provider, as you can no longer purchase custom domains through Blogger. There are many companies from whom you can buy domain names, usually for very reasonable yearly prices. A Google search for "domain registrar" will turn up numerous options. Here's a quick list:

If your content is in a different language and you'd like to purchase a country-specific domain, you can do a search for local registrars. For example, if your blog is in French and you'd like a domain, then you should look for "Domain registrar in France."

Where would you like to host your blog?

  • On a top-level domain (
  • On a subdomain (