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Creating Sub-Menus in Blogger (free product) I want to create sub-menus. In my Pages widget, I create a new page using the format _pagename to ma… How can I ask the author or the service to delete wrong/outdated information about me? Any contacts? Any chance? I'm trying to add a 30s video, taken with my Fuji camera, but it won't load. Is there an easier way? I have followed all instructions, but just get a blue box that says my video is downloading. I left … Good afternoon, please I need help and directions on adding a button, for instance twitter and FB I am trying to link my twitter acount and m facebook account with my blog. I went toreading list to …
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Blogspot site bugging Layout of my blog has changed overnight without me doing anything. Links to embedded videos don't wo…
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I want to delete old post from my school its still on the blogger site. Its more than 10 years now, Everything, it was with a mailadress from school but i dont have access to it. Its 10 years old How can i send my articles here in sucess way? كيف ومتى يمكنني الكتابه في مدونتي؟
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Profile pic I see that my profile pic for Google and Blogger has been successfully uploaded. But on my Blogger p… Wanted to delete old post of year 2011 but our publisher say he cannot delete post older than 2015. Hello Everyone, This is first experience with blogspot.com. We have published some advertisement in … تحديث نظام معارف وقت إشغال شنواشنواسترجع صور بل sd
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Have been reading gannon hoops blog since its inception and now when i try to access blog i get a message saying i have not been invited to the blog. Don't understand why i can't access the blog anymore. I don't know what to try. People are trying to follow me by email. I am not receiving their requests to confirm them. Why? I'm trying to confirm followers who have signed up by email. I'm not receiving their emails. post fails to publish when photo attached using samsung 9+ smartphone fails to publish after add photo taken or photo saved..also says location unavailable...verified I h… Our library group blog admin. didn't leave access information. How can we update or manage our page? We are a library friends group. Years ago (2010?) a volunteer set up our blog but she left and we ha… How can you close down a blog that has not been used for 10 years so I can purchase the domain? I am trying to get in touch with the person who started a blog at blogger.dom 10 years ago...a blog …
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