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I can not export my exported files / post from my WP blog to Blogger. Trying sinds this morning. I'm trying to export my post from my blog odilesacoche.be (Wordpress) to my blog tartinesetmoi.blogp…
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will the google plus depreciation effect bloggers? Im asking if our blogs will be effected when google plus depreciates Safari cant establish a secure connection to the server -- my blog is not showing up anywhere. HELP I have made sure all of my basic privacy settings are set to share. I have tried googling and using … I can’t comment on someone else’s blog as anonymous and my own user name doesn’t come up. It used to. Up to a couple of weeks ago I was able to comment on someone else’s blog via the comments box that s… Color changes made to Blog Description don't display I am trying to change the Blog Description text color from the default to white (#ffffff). I can cha… View subscribers I'm taking over a blog from someone else. People are receiving the blog, and I've set up a feed burn…
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Once again, Hyperlinks not working in Dynamic Theme when linked to other posts in the same blog. Once again, in Blogger’s Dynamic Theme, hyperlinks to previous posts within the same blog are not wo…
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E-mail notifications stopped working? Hello, I normally get e-mail notifications when someone reacts on my blogposts. However, since a wee…
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Contempo theme sidebar giving me trouble with an image gadget, it always has a horizontal scrollbar? So I'm trying to put together a basic portfolio blog, and I'm having some trouble getting an image i… Blog background has disappeared; how do I fix it? I've been trying to get back to Cutest Blog on the Block to see if I can get the code to put the bac…
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I need to revert to a blog post that was deleted? How can I do this? Upsetting that draft deleted... I was editing a post from February of this year. I pressed revert to draft and it deleted the entire…
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#BloggerFR J'ai un formulaire de contact (widgets). J'ai envoyé des messages et je ne les reçois pas J'ai ajouté un formulaire de contact dans mon blog et pour tester s'il marchait et que je recevais b…
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Video unavailable We recently discovered that many of the videos on our blog (https://lecluyse.blogspot.com) are no lo…
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Links widget won't let me add any more links to the list I have a sidebar widget labeled LINKS which I add websites to that are then arranged alphabetically.…
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I accidently deleted few HTML gadgets from my blog-How to restore my blog? I couldn't try anything cause,I deleted the HTML codes.
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I need help changing the email address associated with my blog. It is no longer valid. I need help changing the email address associated with my blog. It is no longer valid. Finding Wrongly Deleted Articles Dear Sir/Madame, I also tried to find my deleted article "Sağlıklı Hayat İpuçları: Beden Kitle İndek…
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