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Please add a Featured image option on the blogger The blogger has been the best blogging platform since its inception. However, the limited model of s… Increasing page speed Is there any way to reduce the load time of the header image on my blog? (BIG C CATHOLICS) Videos are not downloading properly I am unable to get videos to download properly from my own system. I have previously without trouble…
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Uploaded background images always blurry despite following image size/resolution protocols I have tried altering the image resolution, sizes etc so that they are in line with the agreed proto…
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Why is Blogger inserting my images as HTML codes? When I try to insert an image in Blogger, it inserts the HTML code instead. In Preview, the image sh… Quale è la dimensione massima di un video da scaricare sul blog? Quale è la dimensione massima di un video da scaricare sul blog?
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how do i get rid of the thumbnail picture when I share my blog to facebook? I share my blog on facebook and do not want the picture that accompanies the link. How do I change t…
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 3 Upvotes
Image quality has gotten terrible I've had an illustration blog with blogger for over a decade-- a blog whose primary purpose is to sh…
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Stop emails from Insta girls and porn Went to vodacom and report delete emails unsubscribe porn emails
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Images do not display on blogger sites. I uploaded the pictures directly into the insert image button. Before that the pictures could be see… Images on the blank space of blog posts? Hi I need to put photos on the blank space of blog posts (red). Is it possible? I can't find any sol… Majority of images are not showing properly Majority of the images are not showing any longer although I applied the same approach across all po…
0 Recommended Answers 26 Replies 1 Upvote
How to add description to individual blog post and h1 heading to blog home page I want to add description to my blog post and title to it, please how do I go about it Image metadata of images posted on blogger When I download an image uploaded to blogger, I find that the metadata of the image file is unavaila…
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Can't get all my photos into Gallery mode Not sure if my above statement is the correct terminology. Anyway I usually have photos on my blog a… Server reject uploading to blogger Uploading image
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Videolari göremiyorum!? Film bazı göremiyorum
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how can I upload videos to the blog and make them attractive? I am writing on the topic of motivation. is the topic appropriate according to the scenario.
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