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About responsive image I do use my blog on Blogger cms and use the default contempo blogger provided theme. My doubt is:- W… Gzip compression Does my servers are configured to apply GZIP compression for SVG assets? I've created my blog on Blo… Webp format Does Blogger cms support webP image format? Cause, I've to use this format in my blog posts. Image url how to create good url structure for my image in Blogger? Or we shouldn't create url structure, it's… I can't upload any photos while I'm writing on my blog I ma trying upload photos in blog when I write my blog but I can't 
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Blogging photos has changed. For several years I have posted family pictures each month, using blogger. When looking at the blog … About image Web.dev recommend to compress image using imagemin. However, it's difficult to do. My question to yo… The space behind blog title darkens when I upload a background image I am using the Simple Dark theme. I would like to have a background picture, but whenever I upload o… Url of image uploaded in blogger changed to https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/a/... I have added the image to blogger but the url changed to https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/a…
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Image practices Should we use text inside images? Like here you go-: Here, what is Blog, Blogging, Blogger are texts…
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Cannot update profile photo for Blogger I had a profile photo on my blog but I wanted to update it. I went to edit my profile and selected a… my blogger thumbnail is not showing in my homepage recently when I post an article on my blogger website, the thumbnail image doesn't show. at first my… Unable to Use Edit Image > Original Size Starting yesterday I have been unable to upload images to Blogger in their original size. Previously… GOOGLE BLOGGER WHY DOES IMAGE LIGHTBOX NOT WORK WITH NEW POSTS? This is one of many that work well with lightbox https://birdwalkermonday.blogspot.com/2021/08/15-8-… de nombreuses photos n'apparaissent plus de mon blog, comment les restaurer ? ? new blogger imaging changes to extra large and loss of slideshow bar Blogger imaging changes ... when you tap an image, now they now appear huge on every device and the … Cannot access my photos in Blogger I was able to upload two photos to a blog post and as soon as I tried to add the third, I received t…
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The Background photo at the top of my blog uploads blurry Hello, I am trying to customize my new blog theme. I am trying to replace the homepage photo at the …
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Formats of robots.txt file What's the difference between Disallow: / and Disallow: in the robots.txt? The slash after “Disallow…
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