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Updated: Yesterday
How do I change the default size of my photos? When blogger first came out with its new platform, the photos were extra large. I therefore changed …
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I'm unable to get back my original Blogger Theme Layout after a fatal HTML error. After removing a posted image via HTML on my final post, I unknowingly decimated and ruined my 2 yea…
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Related Posts Widget with Thumbnails and Summary for Blogger - does not display thumbnails The widget shows thumbnails of YouTube but not for images with img tag. You can see on the site: htt…
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How to adjust the mobile version photo to fit the mobile device? Recently I found out the problem that the photos were over the iPhone screen in the mobile version t…
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printfriendly button question Does anyone know how to add the printfriendly button to only certain posts?
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How can I fix a bad comment author URL without deleting the comment? Commenters on my blog leave comments over the years, and sometimes their author URLs become broken l… blogger how to display the eye icon How to display the eye icon on the blogger widget How to add a custom class to a widget? How can I add custom or additional classes to a widget on blogger? On my XHTML code a widget is decl… Notable Pink Theme - how do I change the font & find CSS? It's been a few months since I changed my blog to the Notable Pink theme. I came back this evening t…
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