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Updated: Yesterday
The button for newer post is missing on my browsing pages can only find button for older post. I have tried to check if there's a code I can edit on the HTML
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How to fix reduce the spacing between my posts? Hi guys, I just want to ask how to reduce the spaces between posts? What kind of html tagging do I h… Adding a new home page (don't see blog posts immediately) Hello! I would like to add my business to my domain... so I guess, in essence, have a holding page -… Trying to Add Email Subscription Link Automatically to the Bottom of All Posts I have tried adding the following code in between " " and "
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post and labels In my post, labels are showing in two places - on the left side of the post in a separate column, an…
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je ne reçois plus les messages de visiteurs qui remplissent le formulaire de contact Bonjour à tous Je ne reçois plus les messages des visiteurs qui remplissent le formulaire de contact…
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comment creer un onglet Commette Creer un onglet
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cant remove grey horizental bar on my blog page .addresshttps://smsajwr.blogspot.com/p/rough.html There is an unwanted grey bar on my blogger page "contact" in blog-https://smsajwr.blogspot.com/p/ro…
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