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Hello sir, I tab button on the down on left side "try the new blog!". Now I want to exist this theme Before And after I want to exist and want to past theme page . Help me!
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Need help for robots.txt about tags in blogger posts Hello!! I want your help about robots.txt. I receive a message from google search console that all m… How to remove from date and html extension from blogger url Hello! Can i remove the date and html extension of blogger post url? I read in forums that the date … How to remove read more link? I want to remove the read more link from my blog and show the whole post when you visit the blog and… I have edited and made a blog template I have edited and made a blog template that is ( this blog I edited 1gssm.blogspot.com ) is it good …
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Why is the blogger cutom themes are not working properly?. I am tried many times to install custom themes for bloggers. But any of the themes do not install pr…
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Query on Emporio Theme I recently changed my Blogger theme to mobile responsive Emporio: https://www.myyatradiary.com/ And …
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The Keyword Theme for Blogger Hey there, I am looking for responsive and minimal theme for my blog and I found one but it is of th…
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How to Remove "Read More" from inside my posts? Hello, I just realize if all My Posts in blogspot got have "Read More" button.. before i never use t…
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Post Title Settings Not Reflected when Viewing Post Hello there, I've customized the "travel" theme (by changing fonts, widths Blogger theme code changes not reflected If i change the code in edit HTML its not reflected
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About my blog Hello sir, please check my blog and say me what I need to change for my blog to make look like it pr… adding sub-menus on the default simple template I am using the simple template, i have managed to add my main menu page but I want to add submenu pa…
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I want suggestions about SEO friendly blogger template. My blog is https://www.technicalkanu.tech 1. My blog template is not fast loading. 2. Average design, I mean design is not so good. How to edit menu names in custom template blogger blog Hello, my self chand I couldn't edit the elements /menu/categories names in HTML file by finding wit…
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