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SSL with custom domain managed by GoDaddy - how to? What do I need to do to install an SSL certificate on my blog that currently is redirecting to a cus…
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Do you have to pay money for a blog if it is in google bussiness and shows online. I need to cancel my blog if it cost money. if you could email me that you deleted my blog that would… how to know the ip adress of my blog looking how to knew the ip adres of my blog to ad domain
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My Domain Not Working Suddenly | It was works from 8 Months I use custom domain for my blogger and today i create new blog and connect to another domain. But wh… how to fix HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processed due to challenge data not being visible...? My settings are all ok but im still facing this problem. HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processe… Redirect "WWW" domain to the naked domain name, e.g: www.google.com => google.com Hi, I've added my domain to my blogger blog, but it seems that the www one is the one which has been…
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Name conflict when I add my Cname. What do I do? I've added one Cname but when I go to add the second one (www) it says Name Conflict and won't add i…
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This site can't be reached I bought custom domain from Godaddy and linked to blogger and everything works fine until recently m… What address should i give my blog Have tried to open my blog but not openingu
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I am unable to edit any of my settings. Google Adsense is gone and now I cannot change the layout. I logged out and logged back in. When I tried to share a post to Facebook, the image for my blog was…
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My new domain on blogger is not loading. Here is it: www.chidiproperty.com my new domain is not loading on my system. This message appears: The connection has timed out The se… Can any one help me to contact Blogger official? I have buy a domain 2 days ago but while i connect to blogger its shows error. Tomorrow i asked ques…
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Chrome browser redirects my blog address to ww1.bogspot.com I set a custom non Google domain and that worked quite well so far on safari browser, Firefox browse… my site not working "site can't be reached" showing my website is www.srsalman.com and i bought domain from Bigrock but cause delay in of email verifica… Domain for Profile HOW TO???? I want to put a Custom Domain for my PROFILE on Blogger.... I don't know how to do that https://www.… Please tell me how I can get my top picture to post above my blog when I hit "publish" - Wrote my blog and added several pictures (when I hit "publish" it will always add the first picture …
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