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How to writemeta discription? I want to write meta discription Determining who our admin is We have had a Book Club blog for many years and somehow, I lost access as admin (I was the only one)…
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I am pretty sure our blog no longer has an admin We have had a blog for many, many years in which I was the only ADMIN. At some point, I shut down my…
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For adsense approval in Blogger do I need to buy domain? Approval of adsense to my blogger. why am i not getting my blog? Not getting my Blog
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my blog is missing, yet it is online my blog url is klsepsp.blogspot.com and it is still available online. I logged in blogger and check …
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How has my Blog disappeared in my account but still shows up in search results. Thank you! When I log onto my account, the blogger page appears as though I am a new user. It seems every trace… Few Queries Regarding Blogspot. 1. Can I post an article in 2 different languages in my website? Is it a spam? Does this cause any i…
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my post automatically moved in drafts why? i just posted a post about telegram social media app yesterday but after one day it is automatically…
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Cant scroll to the bottom of my post when editing on an ipad pro. Any sugestion? I have tried various browsers and even purchased Blog Touch Pro that was a waste of money because it… I have posted an invitation to my blog. Visitors can leave comments. Is this all I need to do? How would they respond to the invitation, if interested?
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Updated: Yesterday
I cannot log in to one of my 4 blogs I have 4 blogs. The first blog I created 12 years was made using my aol email address. I then create… How Can I retrieve an old blogspot account? The URL to my old blogspot is https://getinspiredbykim.blogspot.com it was registered with my Hotmai…
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iNVITATIONS to private blog give error message. I have two private blogs under the same account. Some new guests cannot get access because the invit… Another person would like to take over my blog but using their login. How do I transfer this? How do I transfer my blog name and content to another person. The new owner would be using their own… I want to link blog to my Fb site so my friends know I've posted a new piece. How? I have no idea what to do so if it involves some programming stuff - I probably will go into melt do… i con't sign in to my blogger When i sign in to my blogger i find this link https://www.blogger.com/home when i go to control Pane…
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Where can i find my blog Everything
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I can't import my backed- up blog. The rcaptcha keeps timing out. is this temporary or not?Thanks I saved and backed up an old blog before deleting it. Now I want to import it to a new blog. I go to…
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