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Set font and font size Hello Community, in the design I have set the font ARIAL and the size 16px under Customize --> Advan… Contact Form Widget Stopped Working - ALL BY ITSELF - EMERGENCY - HELP Needed ASAP I have two main sites: 1st Site HomiesHacks.com (titled Homies Hacks) (originally HomiesHacks.blogsp… Text won't wrap while viewing individual pages Text won't wrap on my blog regardless of browser. For example, this. I tried using different CSS cod… I have subscribed to other blogs. I am not able to find them now, nor am I getting notifications. google searching. help forum.
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Newbie, problem with spacing while composing a post While trying to make my 3rd post on my blog (text interspersed with three photos), I had a lot of tr…
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not able to see any updates in minnaminungu blog Not able to see any updates in minnaminungu blog by minnu augestine
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I cannot change my blog theme it keeps telling me error! I want to change my blog theme
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Why My This Website: https://baljitgaming.blogspot.com is Ranking is Slow My This Website Baljit Gaming https://baljitgaming.blogspot.com Ranking to Too Slow WHY Google Why ?… Hello everyone, Do you the know the responsible person of password policy of blogspot use account? Dear all, We are researchers from the department of computer science at the University of Bonn, work… How do I put the sidebar back from a "no sidebar theme"? My theme has no sidebar. Hence, the widgets that I added are all placed at the bottom. Now, I want t… Hi, There is a blog written about me and I want it taken off. The author is okay with taking it off I want the blog removed, the author forgot their login information. I also have proof that the autho… I would like to add a template into Blogger I am looking to add a template to my blog and I have seen on several YT videos that once you have do… Can't Sign In After April 2, 2019 Hello, I cannot sign in to Blogger using my gmail account after April 2, 2019 - being redirected to … How do I create a link to my blogs on the social media? I want to create a hyperlink to my blog which i passon to my friends on social media. Buon compleanno blogger Ciao a tutti della comunità, per i 20 anni di blogger non si festeggia? Blogger che sorprese ci pres…
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My blogger search cansole not open. They are showing Error but why ? Dear sir / Madam - My search blogger cansole not open. They are showing Error. Please help me. 
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I've been reading empathic perspectives for over 3 yrs. Why do I need permission to read the blogs? I've been reading empathic perspectives for over 3 yrs. I've found it to be very helpful. For some r… I'm eligible for earning 1 Month + old, 1k+ views, 10+ post but Why not enable earning tab? I'm already give feedback but can't any response, I have 1k above views, 10+ post, 1month + old chan…
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How to recover blogger page with yahoo account missing password I created a blogger account in 2007 with my yahoo mail address john.incoom@yahoo.com. I still use th… Not letting me sign up for Google Adsense I am trying to sign up for Google AdSense for my blog. I followed the steps and clicked the buttons …
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