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[Problem Rollup] I do not like the New Blogger Interface because ...

The New Blogger Graphical User Interface (aka the "New Interface") is being intentionally forced upon many Blogger blog owners, starting this week.  There are many reasons why this was not a popular change - and just as many reasons, even so, why this change was necessary.

Right now, you can return to the Classic GUI, by selecting "Old Blogger interface" in the pulldown menu from the Gear icon.  This option won't be available, forever.

If you now find yourself using the New GUI - or having found it necessary to switch back - please provide some objective feedback about what specific features motivate you to continue using the Classic GUI.

Please provide some details about you, and your use of Blogger.  Any of these details may be relevant to your needs.
  • Browser name, and version.
  • Country where you live.
  • Language which you speak, natively.

Please, keep your comments brief, on topic, and polite.

Ongoing Details and Updates:


Blogger Support is aware of the problems reported here - and is not unsympathetic.  This discussion is now closed, and replaced by [Problem Rollup] V2: I do not like the New Blogger Interface because ...

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I also don't like the new interface. Today, it switches automatically to the new blogger interface, i need to rechange & rechange & rechage into old blogger interface... It's really disgusting.
I use Mozilla Firefox v11
My country : Malaysia
Language i speak : English
I hate this!!! I compose my posts in short takes--zap--it goes in in one big wad! The picture goes in crazily--anyplace! I have to go through, reseparate all my takes--just leave us alone!!! I have had one site more than 5 yrs!! It makes a ton of money for you and now you are torturing me! It was FINE the way it was.
Krishna .M
Krishna .M
Browser : Mozilla Firefox 11.
Country : India.
Language : Tamil.
New User Interface is really user friendly w.r.t Custom Domain Publishing. I appreciate.
Things to be stressed :-
1) Inability to reset blog posts widget/delete duplicate blog posts widget,
2) No Hide Blog option in the New UI, which has been reported at GPF by blogger users - http://groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!category-topic/blogger/how-do-i/5bL4vXWcHi4
3) No setting for changing Archive Frequency. In Old UI, it is at the navigation - Settings > Archiving > Archive Frequency.
4) No setting for enabling/disabling Post pages. In Old UI, it is at the navigation - Settings > Archiving > Enable Post Pages?
I could quote a link for 3rd and 4th disabilities.
If the user at the above thread is having this problem, really due to switching to Simple template, disabilities 3 and 4 "must" be noted and taken "much care."
Well, I hate it, Tamil--since you are obviously better at technology, is there a way to go back to the old one?
PS The type does not wrap around pix, you have to push small, small...maybe medium...no small, small--good grief, we could be doing something else with this time!
Chrome, USA, English.
When one edits an older post and then hits update, you are sent back to your list of posts. Not the one you edited, the newest ones.
Am using Firefox the latest as always.
1. 'br clear="left" is not working and words are just mangled everywhere.
This is a very important feature for readable layout.
2. When I do a preview, I go back to the HTML and it's =lost- all my changes although they showed in preview.
Things are really bad. I used the Enter line break mode and it's difficult to see how to fix things now.
3. It is white glare now and much harder to read, with walls of text.
- Andrys
Browser name, and version: Chrome 18 (latest version)
Country where you live: USA
Language which you speak, natively: English
I like many of the aspects of the new interface, and I've been using it exclusively for over a month now. In general I think it's fine.
What I don't like that I'm unable to open the post editor in a new tab from the post list. I sometimes want to reference or refer to earlier posts when I'm working on a new post, and that is currently difficult to do.
Related to that, it took me a long time to figure out that the way to get back to the post list from the post editor was to click the "Close" button.
It also seems like Blogger is generating a lot more HTML cruft than it used to when I use "Compose" mode rather than "HTML" mode for post writing. I'm not sure if that's significantly different than it used to be, though.
When Blogger in Draft first came out I gave my feedback in very clear and trenchant terms and my feelings are still exactly the same. As an older person with fairly poor eyesight I find the new interface DEEPLY user-unfriendly and have immediately switched back to the old dashboard, where I can at least see properly to do things.
All this white space, with small, pale font and poor contrast, is probably fine if your eyes are young and healthy, but many of us bloggers are of an older generation than the Google engineers and our needs just haven't been taken into consideration in this revamped format.
As I said last time, this is a triumph of style over substance, and even the style is pretty dull and uninspired. When looks are made more important than function, something has gone badly wrong.
When I'm finally forced to use the new GUI I'll be able to talk about how well or badly it functions, but until that unhappy day, I'm staying with what works for me.
I use my java phone a lot (Operamini 4.4) to edit and publish post and I'm not able to use it anymore. Major drawback!!!
Couldn't blogger be accessible through a mobile friendly site like a m.blogger.com?
Will I be forced to change blog platform? Hope not!
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David Chin
David Chin
I have solved this <br /> problem by using the Tx button:
In the post editor:
1. highlight/(select all) text with incorrect spacing, (double or triple)
2. click Tx (to remove all <br />)
3. reformat the text to your preference by using the [enter]/[delete] key
4. click [update]
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