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Re: Can't comment on my own blog!

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Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll
If you don't find lots of missing comments, in the Spam queue, you may have to look at the comment publishing process - and at how your blog accepts comments from your readers.


I left a test comment, on the blog.  The blog uses a full page comment form, with all levels of authentication accepted.

Comments are sensitive to both cookie and script filters.  You may need to enable (stop filtering) "third party cookies", in your browser and on your computer.  That's the most common solution, overall - but you may have to search for other filter(s) that affect your use of Blogger / Google.

You can have a filter:
  1. In a native browser feature.
  2. In a browser add-on.
  3. In a security feature, on the computer.
  4. In a network device.
Please, note that any and all filters must be set properly.  If you have more than one filter (cookie or script) affecting access to Blogger, all filters must be set properly, before an improvement will be seen.


You have to consider every anti-malware product, that you may have on your network.  
Every such product, to be effective, is updated occasionally - and every update carries with it, risk - such as incidental interference with Blogger cookies or scripts.


Clearing cache and / or cookies will not produce the same result as properly configuring the filters.  Clearing content, and configuring filters, are two separate activities.


Try the commenting / cookie test, by commenting on 2 of my blogs, if you like.

Read, for details:

Why Third Party Cookies Are A Necessity:


Test For Cookie Filtering Problem:


Please, Don't Filter Web Content, Excessively:


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