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anitas welt

I can no longer comment on Blogger with my Wordpress ID

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My Blog: http://anitaswelt.wordpress.com
For several weeks I have issue posting comments with my wordpress ID on blogger. I get the error message: "you do not own that identity".
All my research on wordpress forums with admins and technicians did not help, as with wordpress is everything ok. They meant that I should contact you, that the problem would be on our side.
What we already did:
- empty cache and delete cookies
- log off / log on on wordpress
- reboot
- everything together
They checked in the background and there is everything ok.
See discussion here: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/why-does-commenting-on-blogspot-cause-the-error-you-do-not-own-that-identity?replies=17#post-2144022
As I really want to comment with my wordpress ID on blogger to discuss with my blogging friends, I'd be very grateful for any help!
Thank you so much in advance
Kind regards
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Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll

This issue comes up, from time to time.  WordPress says there is a problem - but their servers are working, just fine.  Blogger says that there is a problem - but their servers are working, just fine.

You're caught in the middle.

Blogger Support has this situation, in their queue.

I was going to leave an OpenID comment, on your WordPress blog - but it appears to only accept FaceBook, Twitter, and WordPress.  I have used my Blogger hosted OpenID account, to comment on various Blogger blogs - so I know there is no general problem with OpenID on Blogger blogs.  That would imply the problem is with WordPress - and "They", who "checked in the background", must be wrong, no?
Joke Dingelhoff-Spruyt
Joke Dingelhoff-Spruyt
I got several questions of WordPressers with the same experience. They couldn't comment on my blog. Now I found this from one of the WordPressers.

 "This issues suddenly occurred to my account as well. I do have a WordPress.com blog and a corresponding username. The problem in my case (and maybe in others as well) seems to be that https://yourblog.wordpress.com is send for verification to the OpenId server. This is what I could figure out from the URL. If you than manually replace https with http it works.
Is this a blogger error? Does blogger send the wrong URL (I entered http on the blog itself in the OpenId field)."

Can it also be a Blogger https-problem, just like the recent Lightbox-problem was?
Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll
Blogger is trying to add SSL to our blogs - and causing periodic problems, within its own features.  Does WP not yet use SSL for OI?

If WordPress is not using SSL for OpenID authentication, then WP users will have to use the manual OI login, until WP upgrades their OI.  I am betting that when Blogger gets SSL working with our blogs, every Blogger feature will start using SSL - and that means that WP will have to move forward too.

So, if you look at the problem closer, the problem is caused by WordPress.  One of their servers is not using SSL, to serve OpenID authentication.

As suggested, select "OpenID" instead of "WordPress", and enter the URL as "HTTP://whatever.wordpress.com".
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