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Jackie Landy

Please Submit Manual Request to Restore Blog - It's Been Over 90 Days With No Answer

I am hereby officially requesting a manual review by a blogger employee of blog(s). I have sent in numerous restore requests since Fall 2015 with no avail. Why have I not received an email from google or any responses to my restore requests? It just keeps "timing out" in my blogger dashboard and I have submit again...I had this happen last year as well, BYee was able to submit a manual request and it was restored. 

http://mynolamommy.blogspot.com (mynolamommy.com)

Thank you!
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Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll
Hi Jackie,

Thanks for sharing your problem - and welcome to the Blogger Support forums.

I've seen multiple requests for review of the blog(s) in question.  One problem is that there are so many of them, it's hard to keep track of which one is being reviewed.  Please be patient, and consider that issue.  Repeated review requests cause delay for everybody.

One of the problems that your blogs have is the volume.  Each time one blog is reviewed, all of the others have to be examined, as well.

Once again, I'll suggest that you re read the Content and TOS guidelines - and consider how your blogs (in many aliases) might contribute to the problems.

How many people would understand that "nola" stands, definitively for "New Orleans, Louisiana"?  Why is there not the "myneworleansmommy" blog?

There are so many of the "mommy" blogs, that numerically, there is always a "mommy" blog being reviewed.  And the term "mommy" is misleading.  Maybe the term "couponclub" would be more obvious, and less subject to relevance review (just a off the wall suggestion).  Also, maybe "mommy" is limiting - are only women (married, and with children) the only owners and operators of the franchise?
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Jackie Landy
I have to submit repeated review request through the dashboards or my blog would be deleted after 20 days!!!

This is the only blog under review at the moment. We produce content specific for moms that live in select cities. Reader love our model and our local content alongside all the national stuff. We aren't changing - 6 years in. This is targeted to moms in New Orleans and so YES they all know what NOLA means. I don't care about others searching for info there and we are MORE than a coupon group. Our network works with Disney, Nickelodeon, local restaurants, reviews and products and events locally.
Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll
Yes, the "20 day" deadline is a challenge.

Are you the only person who submits these requests?  You've been here a number of times, and I swear there's at least one other person too.  The problem is, the blogs all have different names, so it's impossible to keep track of them.  And naming variants, like "nola" instead of "neworleansla" don't (can't) make it any easier.

How do you avoid / detect impersonators?  I suspect that's one reason why a review might take so long, it has to examine each "My --- Mommy" blog, over and over - and there seem to be more and more cities each year.

Again, the Blogger / Google guidelines are relevant here.  And again, I'll suggest that you consider what the franchise may look like, to reviewers who may not see the full picture.

At any rate, I just submitted another review request.  I hope that you don't see me as contentious or pedantic - I'm just trying to get an idea of the full picture here, so I can submit the requests more effectively.
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