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Margot Cortez

Using Blogger for IPad

Has anyone figured out a way to make blogger easier to use from an iPad? 
If you use blogger from an iPad then you know it has a ton of issues. Like:
-Not being able to scroll throughout post you’re writing to proofread/edit
-Not being able to upload pictures or videos directly from your iPad (you need to either email it or export it to google drive or access your blog via a Remote Desktop)
-Navigation through the site is impossible at time with not being about to scroll through he layout screen and get a good idea of what the actual layout looks like
-The posting screen jumps around whenever trying to edit a post, making it frustrating to make your way back to the spot you were editing because there is no way to scroll. I have to have my iPad hooked up to a Bluetooth keyboard and use the arrow keys to navigate posts

My question basically is has anyone figured out how to make this process easier? I already use Google Chrome for m IPad and all the apps I’ve found that have Blogger “compatibility” are never actually able to connect o my blog. I usually just get an error message from Google.

Would I be better off just sending my blog to Wordpress?
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Gábor Pusztai
Gábor Pusztai
Dear Margot !

Thank you for your comment.

Please study the next links:

I hope, it was helpful for you.

All the best:
Nigel ( @stwNigel )
Nigel ( @stwNigel )
Hi Margot,

Please use Send Feedback button on Blogger website about the need for a proper Blogger app.

Official Blogger apps have been deprecated and it is an horrific experience trying to use Blogger via Google Chrome or any other web browser to write blog posts on a mobile device like iPad, iPhone or Android.

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