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Information about cookies

Does Blogger no longer display a bar - information about cookies?

I am from Poland, I have not seen the information (bar) about cookies for several days. I checked on various blogs and there is no ...
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Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll

Thanks for sharing your problem today - and welcome to the Blogger Support forums.

If you clicked "Dismiss", you set a cookie that instructs the information (bar) to not display. You don't want the bar displaying all the time, do you?

Please tell us the URL of the blog - and I'll check for you.  It's way easier to diagnose a problem, with the blog carefully identified.

[FAQ] What's The BlogSpot URL?

Please examine the Publishing wizard, on the Blogger dashboard Settings - Basic page.


Both a screen print, and a text copy, of the Publishing wizard “Blog Address” box can be very useful, in preventing unnecessary confusion. Please, don't show personal details, such as account name or email address.

Here’s what I see, for my BlogSpot published blog:

nitecruzr-test-ssl.blogspot.com                                 Edit


What do you see, for your blog?

I’ll wait for your answer!

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Dziękuję za odpowiedź.

Adres mojego bloga: https://www.m-zarabianie.com/

Nie widzę na niej paska Cookie, nawet po usunięciu plików cookie za pomocą programu CClaener.

Sprawdziłem Google Chrome i Operę w przeglądarce.

Nie widzę paska cookie na następujących przykładowych blogach:

Nie widzę paska cookie na tych blogach:

nitecruzr-test-ssl.blogspot. com

Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll

The bar is present, on my main blog.


Your blog, unfortunately, uses a custom template.  It's attractive - but best supported outside this forum.


You’ll get best results from a standard Blogger template, while you develop blog content.


You could check out Blogger Developers or Stack Overflow - and ask for advice there.  Or, try contacting the person / site that provided the template, and see what they can tell you.

Your current template can't be supported here.


If you'd like a more supported template, consider trying out one of the newly released "Responsive" class Blogger supplied templates.



Matti nescio
Matti nescio
On Saturday, 5 May 2018 22:18:47 UTC+3, M-user wrote:
The address of my blog: https://www.m-zarabianie.com/

I do see a cookie notice on that blog - but not the one at the top, but one at the bottom, with a white background.  

I do not see the cookie bar on the following example blogs:

I do see it there - the normal one on a gray background at the top.  

See it here too, same as above.  

Did you try just opening the blogs in an incognito window ? 

Original Poster
Thank you for your answers and interest in the problem.

Well, the problem continues.

Yes, I was trying to open a blog (various blogs) through an incognito window.

Unfortunately, even this case, I do not see a bar informing about cookies.

I also set up a test blog today ( https://testblog888885.blogspot.com/) and I do not see a bar informing about cookies.

So this is not a blog template problem anymore, and some settings of my computer / Google profile (?).

The only question is, what settings?
Przez pewien czas rzeczywiście wyświetlało się po angielsku, ale to również wygląda na rozwiązane. Przeleciałem dzisiaj jeszcze raz po kilku blogach, nawet takich z domenami com i ustawieniami języka na angielski czy zupełnie zagranicznych, i na każdej z nich (gdzie nie modyfikowano kodu) komunikat miałem po polsku.
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