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Ben VI

Where has the Blogger app for iPad gone?

Blogger seems to have disappeared from the app store on iPad....
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Hi Ben,

Welcome to the Blogger Help Forum. Usage for our iOS app is low, so we’ve decided to remove it and better streamline our tools for Blogger.

I would recommend using Chrome or your mobile browser to access Blogger.com. All the features are available for your blogging use.

I hope that helps and if you need further assistance, please let me know!
Original Poster
Ben VI
Thanks for letting me know - couldn't find any information on this anywhere online.
I've just set up all our school blogs on blogger - and all teachers have iPads to blog and love to post images.
I've just tried posting an image from my iPad on safari and chrome - the "from my phone" option seems to select only videos from my camera roll - but then inserts only a still image with a play button (that doesn't work).
I need teachers to be able to snap and blog quickly and easily
Lisa Di Maio
Lisa Di Maio
How is usage for the app low?! That is all I ever use to blog as well as my students and the 20 teachers that I am teaching tomorrow. We really need this app back. Please please please!!!!! I can not express how easy it is for students and adults to post blogs using the app. #panickedteacher
On Safari I couldn't edit a post as it wouldn't scroll to the bottom, I had to edit in HTML.
Lyndal Fonokalafi
Lyndal Fonokalafi
I need it now for my class PLEASE,
Kristen Moss
Kristen Moss
I too am sad about this. I updated my phone and now I cannot blog photos from my phone any more. It was so easy to update my blog with photos of the kids when I had the app. Now I have to upload them to a computer to get them on the blog. This is time consuming and cumbersome. With apps such as Facebook, making it easier to snap and upload, your going to loose a lot of traffic to the site if you don't adapt to the growing need for instant gratification social media posting.


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