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Britta Heinsen

issues with comments to blogger.com posts via mobile devices

I know there are already some posts here regarding this topic. But I can't find the lasted status or proper solution.
In my blog DieBritt-Australien.blogspot.com it is possible to create a comment via the internet explorer, either as anonym or with name and url or with google account. When publishing and agreeing "Ich bin kein Roboter" (for anonym and name) a message appears "Dein Kommentar wird nach der Freigabe sichtbar". The comment appears in my folder "Moderation ausstehend" and after releasing the comment is published for all. Thats fine.
But when friends try to create a comment via mobile devices (ios or android) as anonym or with name and url neither the proving "ich bin kein Roboter" does not appear nor the message "Dein Kommentar wird nach der Freigabe sichtbar" and the comment will not be saved. The comment entry field will only be initialiezed - no error message aperas. The user does not recognize that the comment is lost.
Comments with google account seem to work fine via mobile devices.
What can I do to get all comments from all devices or let the user know that his comment is lost.
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Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll
Hi Britta,

Thanks for sharing your problem today - and welcome to the Blogger Support forums.

Your readers need to be identified, using their Blogger / Google accounts.  Unfortunately, some readers security settings block their identity, inadvertently, from the commenting script.  Anonymous comments use the same code sequence - and may also be subject to this problem.



To comment anonymously, your readers should be solving a CAPTCHA, that identifies them as a person (not a script).  If your readers are able to comment using Google accounts, but not anonymously, they have a script filter blocking the CAPTCHA.


First, as individually possible, each reader should clear cache, cookies, and sessions (yes, all 3) - then restart the browser, and check again.


Your readers problem start with a filter, on their computers.  The Blogger / Google login status, and the ability to post comments, is sensitive to both cookie and script filters.  Your readers may need to enable (stop filtering) "third party cookies", in their browser and on their computer. And, have them check their script filters, too.



Third party cookies filtering, in a browser setting, is the most common solution, overall - but your readers may have to search for other filter(s) that affect their use of Blogger / Google.


If any security product has a "block" list, ensure that "blogspot.com" is not in the "block" list.

Any filters are subject to update, by the creator.  If the problem started a few days ago, your readers may have to look on their computers, and find out what product or accessory was updated, a few days ago.


[FAQ] Why Can't I Access My Blog / Comment / Follow Blogs?

Trying a different browser or computer is a good diagnostic technique - though not always a permanent solution.



I hope that this helps you understand your problem!  Please, let me know if you have more questions!

Original Poster
Britta Heinsen
Hi Chuck,
thanks for your quick reply and detailed explanation.
In my case the problem was indeed caused by the cookies setting. If I allow "cookies always" the CAPTCHA appears on ios safari and the comment can be saved. Good to know.
I let check with andriod devices by friends. 
But however - as mentioned in your reply, not every user wants to allow cookies in generell. And it is a pity that this is forced to write a comment to a post.
Best regards
Chuck Croll
Chuck Croll
Thanks for the update, Britta.  I'm glad that you were able to find the setting, and correct the problem.

Cookies, however, are not a formality - they are required, for commenting to work using multiple screens ("Preview" - "Edit" - "Publish").

Taj Wali
Taj Wali


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