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Angela Ooghe

My blog is being attributed to the wrong author!

When I do a Google search on my name (Angela Ooghe), my Blogger blog (Angela Ooghe's Painting Blog at ngelaooghepainting.blogspot.com) is being attributed to the wrong author, Teri Casper. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
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Do you know the person 'Teri Casper' ? 

1. Ok, to display Authorship information on your blog you need Google+ account. Then you will need the profile link to your Google+ account. 
And then add this HTML code anywhere in your template, add this by a HTML/JavaScript gadget in the Layout section. 

<a class="atr-inf" rel="author" href="paste-your-google+-link-here"><img width="28px" height="28px" src="http://cdn4.iconfinder.com/data/icons/socialmediaicons_v120/48/google.png" class="gplus-icn"></a>

In the href attribute put your Google+ link, eg:

<a class="atr-inf" rel="author" href="https://plus.google.com/108228923687425802919">

2. After creating the Google+ account, go to your Profile and Click on 'About', click on 'Edit Profile' on top, now scroll downand you will see Contributor to click on the box next to it. A popup will appear, click on Add Custom Link, and add your link and blog name. And Save. You also have to add and verify your email address, you will get option to add email next to Work.

3. Now, go to the Webmaster Rich Snippet Tools, enter your blog address under 'Test your website' hit Preview.
The scroll down and you will see a text area, saying you to enter your google+ profile, enter it and Verify.

Check your mail for any emails. If you got one, then follow the steps in it.

When done please reply, so that i can check the updates. We need to solve this matter. 

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Angela Ooghe
Thanks for your detailed reply!
I followed the steps you posted (and cross-checked with other sources), and although everything looks fine using the Rich Snippets tool, the search results for my blog still attribute the incorrect author.
Teri Casper owns a blog called "Twenty Minute Challenge," where she posts paintings by other artists. Recently, she invited some other artists to contribute directly to her blog. The search results for at least some the blogs of those other artists also appear to be incorrectly attributed to Teri Casper. http://backwoodscrazyquilt.blogspot.com/ is one of those.
Thanks again!
I have tried the fix, but it hasn't worked for me either - I am experiencing a similar problem. Google is attributing my blog posts (as well as several others') to some woman named Vonna Pfeiffer. My blog is stitches.doodle-head.com, and my name is Melissa Gann. If you'll search google for "around the world in 80 stitches", you'll see this misattribution for several different blogs including mine. I do not know this woman, and would like for my blog posts to be attributed to me, and if not me, then no one, certainly not her.
Thank you,
Melissa Gann
Hello :)

@Angela Ma'am, i checked your blog's Google search preview in Webmater Rich Snippet Tool, it's redirecting to the correct Author (you), but it will take some time (days) to show your Authorship, it's usual, it took over 10 days to show mine. Now all you have to do is add a picture to your Google+ profile, so that it will be shown in the Search Results. 

@Lisslayne Ma'am, i checked your blog too, and it's all fine in the Rich Snippet Tool, now all you have to do is wait some days as it takes some days to start showing Authorship in Google search results. It took over 10 days for me after i verified authorship markup.

We can only remove the wrong attribution by attributing our self to the blog, that will overwrite the existing wrong attribution.  

Best of luck :) 

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