I'm Having Trouble with Blogger Mobile

The first step is to test for a connection between your mobile device and our servers. We have created a simple test to help determine where your problem lies, and based on the results, will provide you with tips to get Blogger Mobile working properly.

Note: This test is only for Blogger Mobile, and not for Sony Ericsson's BlogThis! feature. For information on BlogThis!, please take a look at this handy help article.

First, send a text message with your email address to test@blogger.com. If a good connection exists, you should then receive a text reply from Blogger on your mobile device. In addition, we'll email the same response to you at the address you specified.

You should receive one of the following messages:

  • Your carrier is not supported by Blogger Mobile: We're working to support as many carriers as possible. In the meantime, you can try our Mail-to-Blogger feature.
  • Error finding token: We received a message from your mobile device, but were unable to find your token.
  • No Corresponding blog found: A good connection exists between your mobile device and Blogger, however, it seems that you haven't created a blog yet. Send an MMS to go@blogger.com to create your mobile blog, then run this test again if you don't receive a token.
  • Blog Token [XXXXX]: This is your mobile token. You can use it to claim your mobile blog at go.blogger.com. When you claim your blog, you'll have the option to merge this blog with an existing blog.
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