My blog disappeared

If you can't find your blog or are seeing an error page, we're here to help. There are several common reasons for a blog disappearing, and we'll walk you through each one and how to resolve the problem.

Accidental deletion

  • Possible reason: Double check that you or a team member didn't delete your blog by accident.
  • What you can do: On your Blogger dashboard, look for and click on the "Deleted blogs" link, and undelete the blog. If your blog hasn’t been recently deleted by you or a team member, you won’t see this link. Once you select the undelete option, everything will return to normal.

Custom domain settings

  • Possible reason: Blogs that are published with a custom domain need to have correct DNS settings in order to appear online. If you’ve reached this help article from a Blogger error page, then your issue is not related to your custom domain. If you’ve reached a generic 404 page, however, you should double check your custom domain settings.
  • What you can do: Make sure you've correctly configured your DNS settings.

Search visibility settings

  • Possible reason: Your blog won't appear in search results if you've set a preference to exclude it from search engines.
  • What you can do: Go to privacy section under your Settings tab, and change your search engine settings. If you’ve already allowed search engines to find your blog, remember that recently changed URLs, recently undeleted blogs, and other changes in privacy settings can cause delays in re-indexing.

Policy or Terms of Service violation

  • Possible reason: It's possible that your blog was found to violate Blogger’s policies or our Terms of Service.
  • What you can do: Search your email inbox for notifications from the Blogger Team for information about changes to your blog and/or Google Account.

If none of these options help solve your problem, Google guides and other users might be able to help you out in our Help Forum.