Add an adult content warning to your Blog

If your blog contains adult themes or language, you must add a warning page that shows before people can see the content in your blog.

What content needs the adult content warning

  • Adult content warning required: pornographic or sexually explicit content.
  • Adult content warning isn't required: non-sexual documentary depictions of nudity (like an image of a breastfeeding infant) and depictions of nudity that serve a clear educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purpose.
  • If there is any other reason you feel your blog may be shocking or objectionable to some users, you are welcome to activate the content warning at your discretion.

Note: If a blog with adult content is brought to Google’s attention and the content warning is not active, we will turn on the warning interstitial for you. If this happens repeatedly, the blog may be removed.

Add the adult content warning

  1. Open your Blogger account.
  2. Click on the blog you want to change this setting for.
  3. On the left side of the page, click Settings > Other.
  4. Under "Adult content," click Yes from the drop-down menu.

When the warning is on, a content warning page will warn visitors that some may consider the material on your blog objectionable.

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