Report inappropriate images or videos posted without your consent

If someone posts inappropriate images or videos of you, you can ask to stop them from sharing it on Google products like Blogger, Sites, or Groups.

Step 1: Contact the person who shared the image

Ask the person to stop sharing inappropriate images of you, a minor, or someone you legally represent from a Google product.

To contact the person, find their contact information on their website or send a message to the group or G+ owner.

Step 2: Report if abusive, threatening, or goes against policies

If someone posted inappropriate content about you, it may be considered harassment and could be removed. Check our policies below and report the content:

Step 3: If it doesn’t go against policies, but you’d still like to remove the images or videos

If you agreed to let someone post images or videos of you, this policy won’t apply.

We’ll look at your request and take action as necessary. We’ll also let the person know that there was a request to stop sharing.

If you create fake reports or use this form to harass other people on Google products, your account may be suspended.

Please provide specific, accurate, and complete information.

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