Layout Guide

Blogger's Layout feature is an easy-to-use template editing feature that allows you to edit and customize your Blogger template without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. You can easily edit and customize the colors, fonts, header and sidebar of your blog with a few clicks of the mouse. To customize your blog's layout, go to the Layout tab.


Moving elements in your template

How to arrange elements in your template

You can arrange the elements in your template the way you want them displayed. Simply click on the element you'd like to move and drag and drop it where you want it to be. You can move your page elements to the bottom of the page, anywhere in your sidebar, or below or above your blog posts. (Note: you can move all elements except your navbar, blog posts and header in some templates.)


Editing elements in your template

Here's an overview of what you can configure when you click Edit for each of these elements:

  • Navbar: Select the color you'd like your Navbar to be.
  • Header: Add or edit the header of your blog, which includes your blog title and blog description.
  • Blog posts: Choose the number of posts to display on your main page. You can choose either the number of days with posts to display or the total number of posts on the main page. You also have the option to show email post links that let your visitors easily email posts from your blog to their friends.
  • Profile: Edit/add your profile title, 'About Me' description, and location.
  • Blog archive: Edit/add your blog archive title, select your display style (hierarchy, flat list or dropdown menu), choose to display post titles, display oldest posts first, choose your archive frequency (monthly, weekly or daily) and date format.

How to add a gadget

You can add gadgets to your blog page or sidebar by clicking Add a gadget. This will open a pop-up window. Click + in the proper element section to add it:

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