Template tags for site feeds

Your site feed settings offer numerous options for post and comment feeds on your blog. To help your readers find links to these feeds, we've got a couple of tags you can add to your template. Newer blogs - or new templates applied to older blogs - will have these tags already, but you'll need to add them yourselves if you're using an old template from before you upgraded your Blogger account.

The first piece of code can go in your sidebar, or wherever you'd like it to appear. It looks like this:

<p id="blogfeeds"><$BlogFeedsVertical$></p>

Depending on your settings, this code will provide links to a feed of all your blogs posts, and/or a feed of all the comments on all your posts. If you're using both types of feeds, the result on your page will look like this:

Subscribe to
Comments [Atom]
Posts [Atom]

If you're using per-post comment feeds, you'll want to use this second piece of code as well. You'll probably want to put it inside the <ItemPage> tags along with the rest of your comment code. It looks like this:

<p id="postfeeds"><$BlogItemFeedLinks$></p>

This will create a link to the site feed containing comments on the current post only. Its output is similar to the previous section:

Subscribe to Post Comments [Atom]

Finally, you may have noticed that there are <p> tags with IDs around each of these Blogger tags. These are optional, but if you want to customize the format of these links, you can add some code to the style sheet in your template. To do this, find the <style> and </style> tags in your template, and add the following code between them, substituting whatever CSS you want to use:

#blogfeeds {
   [insert formatting here]
#postfeeds {
   [insert formatting here]

If you don't know CSS, or aren't sure what to put here, then don't worry about it. By default, it will inherit the same style as the rest of your template, which will usually look just fine.

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