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If you choose to enable comments, visitors to your blog will have the option to respond to your published posts. Blogger supports threaded commenting which means we display comments such that a reader can more easily differentiate between whether someone is making a general comment on the thread, or responding to another comment on the thread. Single-level comments will always be displayed chronologically.

Enabling comments

To enable comments, click on Settings from the drop-down menu on your Dashboard, then go to the area for posts and comments.

Drop-down menu, settings is the last option
Comments section under Settings

There, you'll see all the settings to manage your comments.

Settings for comments

  1. Comment location: Select "Embedded" if you'd like to enable threaded commenting.
  2. Who can comment?: Here you can specify who can comment on your posts. The options range from anyone (which means that anonymous users can comment without having to sign in to any type of account first) to only members of the blog (if it's a team blog).
  3. Comment moderation: Decide if you'd like to always, sometimes, or never moderate comments. If you select "Always," you'll have the option to enter in an email address where you can receive notifications that there are comments awaiting moderation. If you select "Sometimes," you'll be prompted to specify how many days old the post should be before it requires moderation. "Sometimes" is a good option for bloggers who want to make sure that comments on all posts are kept fresh and recent, and that conversation or debates on old posts aren't suddenly rekindled.
  4. Show backlinks: Turning on this option will show all the URLs around the web that link to your blog post. The URLs will be visible to both you and to the readers of your blog.
  5. Comment form message: Add a message to your readers who click to comment on your blog. Some bloggers like to include a little thank-you note, or details about how they tend to follow-up with comments.

Enabling comments on a post-by-post basis

If you don't want your comment settings to be blog-wide, you can click on the menu on the right side of the Post Editor to set post-specific comment settings. Here you can choose among three options: Allow; Don't allow, hide existing; Don't allow, show existing.

Options on the right side of your Post Editor
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