Updates not appearing

When you make a new post, change your settings, or change your template, the changes should appear in your blog as soon as Blogger reports that publishing has been completed. If everything looks the same and you can't see your updates, then try the following suggestions:

  • Refresh the published webpage in your browser, to make sure it is showing you the most recent version, and not a cached copy.
  • Clear your browser's cache and then refresh the page. Really. The vast majority of these problems are simply caching issues. Also try viewing your page in another browser, as a comparison.
  • If it is a new post that is missing, make sure that the post appears in the Blogger interface, with your other ones. (See Find an old post if you need help with that.)
  • Make sure that you have not marked the post as a draft. Draft posts will never publish until you change them back into ordinary posts.
  • If template changes aren't showing up, you'll want to check the code you added or changed, to make sure it is correct.
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