Privacy and security

If you have issues with privacy or security, search for your issue below for suggestions on how to fix it.

Blogger does not mediate disputes, nor does it determine who owns nicknames, handles, or screen names.

Someone is linking to images on my server

If someone is linking to your images, contact the blog owner.

To protect your images from being linked to, use htaccess to prevent image linking.

Ads appearing on my blog
If you have not turned on ads but you see ads, check your blog or computer for malware.
Recover your username and password

If you delete the email address used to create your blog, you will still be able to access Blogger using that email address.

If you delete your Google Account, you will lose your Blogger account, including your blogs.
Know your blog ID number

Every blog has a different ID number. To find your blog ID number:

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. Select a blog.
In the address bar of your browser, find the number that comes after “blogID=” in the web address. That number is your blog ID number.
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