+1 button (gadget)

This article refers to a button for your blog. If you’re looking to add +1 buttons to your posts, you can do that via the Share buttons and use the +1 counter.

The +1 button gadget allows your visitors to publicly recommend your blog on the web. When someone +1's your blog, they're sharing it with either their circles, or publicly. These endorsements are an easy and efficient way to expand your readership.

To add the +1 button gadget to your blog:

  1. Click Layout.
  2. Layout_tab
  3. Click on any of the Add a gadget links on the Layout page. You can later drag and drop the elements wherever you like.
  4. layout
  5. Click + on the +1 Button to add it to your blog.
  6. add_gadget
  7. Decide on the look and feel of your +1 Button, and click Save.
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