Google+ Badge

Displaying a Google+ Badge on your blog makes it easy for your readers to follow you on Google+.

If you change the association of your blog from a Google+ profile to a page through the Google+ tab on your blog, the gadget will automatically update itself.

To add the Google+ Badge to your blog, first make sure that you’ve upgraded your Blogger profile to a Google+ profile.

Remember that when you upgrade to Google+, your identity on all blogs under that Google Account will always be that of your Google+ profile.

Once you’ve upgraded your blog to Google+ and decided whether to associate it with a Google+ profile or page, you can add the badge to your blog as a gadget. To add a gadget:

  1. Click Layout.
  2. Layout_tab
  3. Click on any of the Add a gadget links on the Layout page. You can later drag and drop the elements wherever you like.
  4. layout
  5. Click + on the Google+ Badge gadget to add it to your blog.
  6. add_gadget
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