Image properties

Let’s say you’re a travel blogger, roaming the back alleys of Paris with your camera in hand. You’ve got some great content on your blog, and hope that potential readers who search for cheese shops near Notre Dame will discover your detailed, gastronomical post. Ah, but what about your photos -- don’t you want them to be searchable as well?

Of course you do! Which is why you can now easily add "alt" and "title" attributes to your images. To add these, click on an image in your Post Editor, and select Properties. A text box will appear where you can add "alt" and "title" attributes to your image. "Alt" attributes are meant to be a description of the image for users who are unable to view the image (due to reasons such as browser compatibility or vision impairment), and the "title" attribute can be used for providing longer descriptions about the image.

Image properties

Once you edit "alt" and "title" in the Post Editor, you can switch to the HTML view to confirm the modifications you’ve made to your image tag.

For more background on SEO, read through this article in the Webmasters Help Center, and be sure check out their SEO Starter Guide (pdf).

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