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When using a search engine (such as, you probably see a blurb of text underneath your search results that helps you decide whether or not that’s the site you want. For example: This is what appears when you search for “Blogger.”

Blog Search Description for Blogger

The descriptive line of text that appears under the link is the search description.

If you don't specify a search description for your blog, search engines will establish one for you based on your blog’s content.

To create your own search description, just go to Settings | Search Preferences and click Edit next to "Description" to reveal a text field. Select Yes, write in your text, and click Save changes.

Settings to create a search description on Blogger

A few examples of blog search descriptions:

  • “A blog about social networking and web design.”
  • “A journal of my year in Paris.”
  • “Healthy southern-style cooking.”

Enabling this feature will display a “Search Description” option in the Post Settings panel that allows you to enter a search description for individual posts.

Search description for posts

For more background on SEO, read through this article in the Webmasters Help Center, and be sure check out their SEO Starter Guide (pdf).

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