Blogger and Google Friend Connect Privacy FAQ

Why are all of my publicly followed blogs now anonymous?

(Note: this only applies if you used both Blogger Following and Friend Connect prior to the integration.)

With the integration of Blogger and Google Friend Connect, we took extra care to protect your privacy. The new Blogger and Google Friend Connect integration means that anytime you publicly join a blog or site, that site will be added to your Blogger and Friend Connect profiles on all of the sites you've joined. Because we didn't want to publicly display all the blogs you were following in your Friend Connect profile without your permission, we made you an anonymous follower of any blogs you followed before the Google Friend Connect Integration. You can easily change your following status back to public on all of your followed blogs (see the answer below), but please remember that if you change your status back to public, all of the blogs you've previously followed will be added to your Blogger and Friend Connect profiles on all of the sites you've joined.

How do I publicly follow the blogs I'm anonymously following?

To publicly follow the blogs, click the blue "Manage" button in your Blogger Reading List.

You will then see a list of all the blogs that you're following. You will then need to click the "Settings" link next to each blog. Under the Settings section, you will see the message:


Click the "anonymously" link. Finally, select to "Follow publicly" ...

and save your settings.

How do I show my followed sites on my profile?

First, go to your dashboard and click the "Edit Profile" link. Then, check the box next to "Show sites I follow":

Lastly, save your profile settings.

If I publicly join a Google Friend Connect site, will the site be listed on my Blogger profile?

Yes, ANY site that you join publicly with Friend Connect will be listed in your Blogger profile, under "Blogs I Follow".

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