Frequently asked questions about switching to a Google+ profile

I currently have a Blogger profile for my blog(s). How do I switch to a Google+ profile?

If you already have a public Google+ profile, click the gear icon at the top of your Dashboard and select "Connect to Google+," or visit this link to start the switching process. If you’re signing up for a Google Account for the first time through Blogger, you have the option of using your Google+ profile for your blog during the sign-up flow.

Why would I want to link my blogs to a Google+ profile?

Linking your blog(s) to your Google+ profile makes it easier to share content with your circles and the public, and grow your audience. On your Google+ profile, you can link to your other online content in addition to blogs, which makes it easier for others to discover what you’ve produced on the web.

Keep in mind that this switch is completely optional - you may continue using your Blogger profile on your Blogger blog(s). This option is only for those who feel comfortable associating their Google+ profile with their blog(s).

What happens when I switch to a Google+ profile?

Information on your blog previously based on your Blogger profile, such as your display name and your photo, will reflect the information from your Google+ profile.

In places where your display name appears, your name from your Google+ profile will begin to appear once you’ve made the switch. However, any comments you’ve made before the switch will continue to show your Blogger display name. All instances of your name on feeds, your Blogger profile gadget, new comments, and instances of your Blogger display name on past comments will link to your Google+ Profile.

How will I control my Google+ profile privacy settings?

You control your profile privacy settings and make any changes through Google+, and its settings will override any profile preferences made in Blogger before switching. Although you can set various privacy settings for specific fields of information, your common name and photo (should you choose to upload one) will be publicly available on Google+. If you blog under a pseudonym and do not want your blog to be publicly associated with your common name, you should not migrate from a Blogger profile to a Google+ profile.

Is associating my blog with my common name mandatory?

No, publicly associating your blog with your common name is not mandatory. The option to link your blog with your common name should only be done by those who want to publicly associate an established identity with their blogs.

Can I use a different Google+ profile for different blogs?

Just as you only had one Blogger profile for all your blogs, you can only have one Google+ profile for them. However, if you have more than one Google Account, you can move a blog between accounts.

When I switch to a Google+ profile, what happens to my Blogger profile?

Your Blogger profile will become unavailable for visitors, and everyone will be redirected to your Google+ profile.

I have lots of information on my Blogger profile. Will those be added onto my Google+ profile automatically?

Information won’t be transferred automatically. You will need to copy over content to your new Google+ profile manually.

Which blogs will this switch affect?

The profile switch will affect all blogs you can contribute to, including multiple-author blogs. To see all the blogs affected, check the list on your dashboard, making sure to include any blogs that may be hidden by clicking “Deleted blogs” (if you don't see this option, it means you haven't deleted any blogs).

If I switch to a Google+ profile and change my mind, can I switch back?

You have the option of reverting to your Blogger profile for up to 30 days after you make the switch. After 30 days, your Blogger profile will be deleted and if you want to switch back, you will need to create a new Blogger profile.

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