Updates to image storage on Blogger

Last year, to provide a number of reliability benefits, Blogger switched domains for serving new images. Now, that update is extended to images posted in the past. 

Where possible, old image URLs on your blog are now converted to the new format. You can also find Blogger copies of images cross-posted from another product uploaded on the new domain, blogger.googleusercontent.com.

You can be confident when the image is uploaded at blogger.googleusercontent.com: 

  • The URL won’t expire.
  • Modifications in Google Photos won’t accidentally break images on Blogger.
  • For image owners, images appear in Takeout
  • You can find and manage data at blogger.com/mediamanager

Move images to the new format manually


  • There may be some images where we can’t move to the new format automatically. If it’s important to you to continue displaying those images, you need to download, upload, and replace that image manually in your blog. 
  • This change doesn’t impact images hosted on third-party sites and old Photos1 images. 

To make it easier to check unsupported image URLs, there’s a new dashboard that shows posts and pages with unsupported images. You can check the dashboard and address the unsupported URLs to replace them. 

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. At the top left, select a blog.
  3. From the menu on the left, click Settings.
  4. Navigate to Manage blog > Manage unsupported image URLs.
  5. Select a post. Unsupported URLs will be highlighted in HTML editing mode. 
  6. To fix unsupported images, download and re-upload them. This generates a new, supported image URL.

Tip: If the link isn’t visible, your blog isn’t impacted by the changes. You can also check unsupported URLs as the HTML editor view also highlights it.

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