Preferred Deals

Preferred Deals now in Ad Manager

Ad Exchange Preferred Deals have been replaced by Preferred Deals in Ad Manager.

Ad Exchange Preferred Deals became read only at the end of October 2018. Support for Ad Exchange Preferred Deals ended at the end of March 2019: All Ad Exchange Preferred Deals have stopped serving.

Learn more about Preferred Deals in Ad Manager.

Preferred Deals is a feature that allows sellers to offer inventory to buyers at a fixed, pre-negotiated price before the inventory is made available to other buyers in the general auction. Some publishers may also only make specific inventory available by Preferred Deals.

For detailed information, including the basics of how preferred deals work and how to set up and negotiate a deal, see the topics below. Once your deals are finalized and active, you can find more information on deal reports, or troubleshooting deals.

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