August 2019

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Publisher inventory transitioning to a unified first-price auction

Switching to a single first price auction will help reduce complexity and create a fair and transparent market for everyone. Learn more

Starting September 10, Ad Exchange traffic starts to be transitioned in full to a first-price auction. The transition to a first-price auction will apply gradually over the course of a few weeks. For a short period of time after the transition, a small percentage (3% or less) of this traffic will continue to be governed by the existing second-price auction model in order to monitor performance. Learn more about the transition schedule

UI updates

New Authorized Buyers interface

We are continually working to improve the way Authorized Buyers interact with our platform through the user interface. Going forward, when you sign into Authorized Buyers you will see a different layout to the one you're used to. Navigation is now more intuitive with all the menus and tabs consolidated on the left side of the screen. Only the navigation has changed, not the actual content of each individual page. Learn more

Exchange Bidding is now Open Bidding

Exchange Bidding has been renamed Open Bidding, which aligns Ad Manager with AdMob’s Open Bidding. The same products and features will continue to be available for Open Bidding customers.

Real-time bidding updates

Effective Quota is no longer supported

Effective quota is no longer supported and has been removed from the RTB graphs. Spend-adjusted quota and Error throttling have been added in its place. These give bidders better insight into when they are being throttled for errors and how their 7-day spend affects their QPS. Learn more

New signal for flexible AdSlot Settings

Some publishers set up “flexible” adslots that allow any ad unit size within a specified minimum and maximum range. The new RTB bid request signals in Google Protocol and OpenRTB indicate the minimum and maximum height/width combinations. Bidders can continue to use the unchanged adsize signals if they wish, but they can also integrate these new signals if they want greater flexibility to be able to return any adsize within the range. Learn more

Other updates

Support for app-ads.txt

To help build a safe and transparent advertising ecosystem, Google is introducing support for app-ads.txt across Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager. Learn more

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