July 2019

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Preferred Deals now in Ad Manager

Ad Exchange Preferred Deals are being replaced by Preferred Deals in Ad Manager.

Ad Exchange Preferred Deals became read only at the end of October 2018. Support for Ad Exchange Preferred Deals ended at the end of March 2019: All Ad Exchange Preferred Deals have stopped serving.

Learn more about Preferred Deals in Ad Manager.

Publisher inventory transitioning to a unified first-price auction

Switching to a single first price auction will help reduce complexity and create a fair and transparent market for everyone. Learn more

The transition schedule to a first-price auction has been adjusted by a few weeks to give publishers and buyers more time to test the new features. During the week of July 29th, 2019, 10% of Authorized Buyers traffic will transition to a first-price auction. 100% of Authorized Buyers traffic will transition to a first-price auction in late August/early September 2019. Learn more about the transition schedule

Quota per endpoint logic update

Note that in Q3 of 2019 changes will be made to the logic that chooses which callouts to send and which callouts to throttle, to best align with bidders’ quota per endpoint (QPS) preferences. The change is expected to enable bidders to receive callouts for ads that are more relevant to their demand channels. 

Please note that the changes could impact bidders who have requested low QPS levels  (e.g. bidders with less than 500 QPS configured for a single end point). Bidders who have requested low QPS levels and whose pretargeting configurations would, by default, result in such bidders receiving more bid requests thant the bidders’ requested QPS level, may have their requested quota exceeded. The QPS level requested by all other bidders should not be exceeded.

If you are concerned about exceeding your quota or if you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager if you have one or complete this form.

UI updates

New Authorized Buyers interface

We are continually working to improve the way Authorized Buyers interact with our platform through the user interface. Going forward, when you sign into Authorized Buyers you will see a different layout to the one you're used to. Navigation is now more intuitive with all the menus and tabs consolidated on the left side of the screen. Only the navigation has changed, not the actual content of each individual page. Learn more

Real-time bidding updates

Effective Quota is no longer supported

Effective quota is no longer supported and has been removed from the RTB graphs. Spend-adjusted quota and Error throttling have been added in its place. These give bidders better insight into when they are being throttled for errors and how their 7-day spend affects their QPS. Learn more

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