April 2019

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Preferred Deals now in Ad Manager

Ad Exchange Preferred Deals are being replaced by Preferred Deals in Ad Manager.

Ad Exchange Preferred Deals become read only at the end of October 2018. Support for Ad Exchange Preferred Deals ended at the end of March 2019: All Ad Exchange Preferred Deals have stopped serving.

Learn more about Preferred Deals in Ad Manager.

Publisher inventory transitioning to a unified first-price auction

Authorized Buyers is switching to a single first price auction, which will help reduce complexity and create a fair and transparent market for everyone. Learn more

The transition schedule for Ad Manager can be found here.

RTB updates

Introducing DIV wrapper around creative content

The MRC Viewable Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines have specified that venders should measure the viewability of an ad based on the ad itself as opposed to inferring viewability by measuring the containing iframe. In order to comply with the guidelines, a DIV wrapper will be added around the creative content. This change will affect all non-video creative elements. Contact your account manager for more information.

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