Request a proposal for publisher inventory

Using forecasting, Marketplace allows you to find all inventory from Ad Exchange publishers matching your desired search criteria, regardless of whether the inventory exists as a packaged product offer, like a Preferred Deal or Private Auction. If you can't find a packaged product offer matching your exact requirements, you have the option to create a request for proposal (RFP) to reach out directly to the publisher.

Data displayed in Marketplace results

Marketplace results automatically display impression volume and uniques that match your search criteria, as determined by forecasting. Impression volumes are based on data from the previous 7 days. Also displayed is the primary category of the publisher content that matches your criteria. Categorization is done by Google.

To request a proposal for available publisher impressions:

  1. Sign in to your Authorized Buyers account at and click the Marketplace tab.
  2. Follow the instructions to either browse or search for publisher inventory. You can use any of the filter options, to find specific inventory, including a full-text search.

  3. To see all forecasted publisher inventory matching your criteria, including inventory not specifically available in a packaged product offer, like a Preferred Deal or Private Auction, click VIEW INVENTORY for any publisher in the search results.

  4. (Optional) With the "VIEW INVENTORY" panel open, you can get an even more detailed look at forecasted publisher impressions, broken down by things like user age, geo, inventory sizes, verticals, etc. Top domains and apps are also displayed, as detected by forecasting. To see these details, click >>.

  5. If the available packaged products are not exactly what you're looking for, or if there are no existing packaged products, you can still reach out to the publisher with a detailed request about any of the available forecasted impressions, without having to contact them offline. To do this, click Create RFP.
  6. Use the form provided to detail your budget, inventory requirements, and any additional terms you’d like the publisher to consider. The data above the form displays 7-day impression volumes, uniques and other information powered by forecasting. The data automatically refreshes as you change your desired country and size targeting on the form.

    All of the fields in the form are optional, but recommended.

  7. Click Send.

Once the publisher reviews your request, they can respond with a matching product, or requesting more information. Responses to an RFP appear in the "Negotiate" menu as an in-progress negotiation. 

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