Discover guaranteed inventory

Publishers can offer their guaranteed inventory in the Marketplace, allowing you to discover and negotiate programmatic guaranteed reservation deals. To find this inventory, you can filter the Marketplace results to display this particular transaction type.

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To discover programmatic guaranteed inventory:

  1. Sign in to your Authorized Buyers account at and click the Marketplace tab.
  2. Follow the instructions to use category filters to see results with specific criteria.
  3. When selecting a category to search, choose Transaction type and select Programmatic guaranteed.

This inventory may already be packaged into products, or available by request. To request a product for guaranteed impressions, follow the instructions to request a proposal for guaranteed inventory to reach out directly to the publisher.


The buyer REST API allows you to access real-time bidding account information, submit and check the verification status of creatives, find available programmatic deals, and retrieve pretargeting configurations.

Get started with the REST API.

Note that DSPs not bidding to meet at least 90% of their committed spend on Programmatic Guaranteed deals over a 90 day period will be suspended.
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Programmatic guaranteed for Authorized Buyers is currently in beta.

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