Renegotiate an accepted guaranteed deal

Once you accept a proposal for programmatic guaranteed inventory, DFP creates an order and reserves inventory. Depending on the agreed upon details, the order may become active and begin delivering impressions. Publishers have the option to reopen the proposal or order and make changes to any negotiable or non-negotiable fields.

Changes made to negotiable fields means the proposal or order enters renegotiation, which requires your acceptance before they can affect the delivery of impressions. Changes to non-negotiable fields or settings can be updated without the need for your acceptance.

  Trigger renegotiation Do not trigger renegotiation Cannot be changed
Fields (settings)
  • Start or end time*
  • Rate
  • Quantity*
  • Inventory sizes*
  • Geo targeting*
  • Additional terms
  • Delivery settings*
  • Additional targeting*
  • Advertiser
  • Buyer

* These fields affect reserved inventory. When a publisher makes changes to these fields, the new inventory is reserved pending your acceptance of the changes. If you accept, the new inventory is automatically transferred to the order.

During renegotiation, impressions that have already started to deliver, continue to deliver under the settings and terms previously negotiated until you accept any changes.


If at any time during review of a new or changed proposal or order, the publisher wishes to terminate negotiation, they may do so only prior to your acceptance.

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